Why Not SEO?

Search Engine Optimization was once a very effective marketing tool. It was free and it placed a business which used it well near or at the top of the results. Today, it no longer works nearly as effectively. The reasons are many. Search engines such as Google are using AI to better identify which sites best fit the needs of search engne users. The algorithms change constantly. 

Most importantly, everybody is using the same techniques, which means that somebody is going to come out on the bottom. If you have 50 websites using the same techniques and cometing for the same keywords, they cannot all end up on the first page. Consequently, you risk either being on the second or third page or you and your competitors will bounce around from page to page as the algorithms change.

What Is Your Goal?

Do you want your website at the top of Page 1 of the results? Or do you want visitors to come to your site? Clearly your goal is to get them to your website where you can sell your products or services. Simply getting to the top of the results is not enough. If they see you but don't click through, you are wasting your time and your money.

You need a strategy which gets them form the search engine to your site. It is just that simple. And SEO does not do that. When it works - which is growing increasingly rare these days - SEO only gets you to the top of the results page. But it does not convince search engine users to visit your page.

Search Engine Advertising Works

When you pay an SEO consultant, he works to get your site to the top of the results page. If he succeeds, he still cannot guarantee that visitors will come to your page. You may be paying hundreds of dollars a month and still not get the marketing impact you seek.

With Search Engine Advertising, you pay Google or other search engines for each click. Let's repeat that, you only pay when people visit your site!

And your ads are designed to convince people to come to your site. You can change them weekly or daily without changing the content of your site. You can advertise specials and reach out to different target markets with specialized advertising.

Search Engine Advertising is cost conscious, efficient and effective. Your impact per dollar spent far outpaces that of passive SEO methodologies.

In short, your money is far better spent reaching out to your potential market than it possibly could be on SEO.